Google breaking up with me?

Dear Google.

There is a reason why my browser does not send out request for Norwegian content. That reason is the same reason why I change all my language profiles to English. Even though I live in Norway please respect my wishes and stop serving me Norwegian content.

Earlier today I got this usually weird message from Google Reader saying "There is an update available for Google Reader click _here_ to refresh" (or something along those lines). I have no clue what that means, but I get that message regularly. I always click "here" and never notice any changes.
I suspect this is Google Gears (yes, it will always be called "Google Gears") that is updating the content, but what is the "Go offline" button then for? Clicking that button fetches my unread items and "disconnects" so I can read my feeds on the train.

Related note: I am pretty sure Google Gears swallows some of my still-unread-items when going online again. Very annoying as I explicitly check the "Keep unread" box so I can read the posts later on in a more friendly environment.

Back to the point. After clicking "here" earlier today Google Reader decided to change my profile settings to say "Norwegian" and displays everything in Norwegian, removing the offline feature and "Friends shared items".

After changing my profile settings again to English only the settings dialog is in English. The rest of Google Reader is still in Norwegian with missing features I use regularly.
To make things worse, clicking "Logg ut" does not work. Simply throws "Beklager, det oppstod en feil. Prøv igjen om noen sekunder." back at me. No matter how long I wait or how often I try.

Going into my profile settings again, and change the language to Norwegian gives me back the offline feature and "Friends shared items" - and some random things in English. Apparently I can log off now, which is a appreciated.

While writing this entry on "Autosave failed" has been blinking for most of the time, and now a big fat red line showing "ERROR" below the "Title" textbox is showing.

Dear Google, do you not like me anymore? I thought we were friends and shared something special. If you are breaking up with me I'd like to hear it straight up. Not randomly throwing errors at me for several months. I do understand your feelings though. After growing up together for so long we have finally reached the the tipping point, and started to grow apart the past months. You not caring anymore about the products I used to love, and me moving on to greener pastures.

We had a good run you and I. But I guess all good things come to an end at some point.



  1. Been listening to Miss Furtado recently?

    Btw, I have no idea what you're on about.


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