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8 reasons why you should *not* write for the manual

8 reasons why you should *not* write for the manual:You get more page hits by publishing your work on your blogYou get a free pass to conferences by converting your work into presentationYou get paid to submit your work to magazines & commercial websitesYou get a "trading card" and considered a starThe community will know your nameYou can flame the documentations without needing to do anything about it
You can copy&paste parts from the manual and sell it (see point#3)
You can license your work to forbid any commercial use or further improvements


PhD: The [PH]P based [D]ocbook renderer RC1 released

Quick note; We released PhD0.1RC1 today \o/Building the documentations has never been as easy or as fast.Note: You'll need 200M free diskspace (90M for the phpdoc XML sources and 110M for the generated html/php files).Fetching the phpdoc sources:

bjori@lindsay:~$ cvs co phpdoc
cvs checkout: Updating phpdoc
U phpdoc/.cvsignore
U phpdoc/LICENSE
U phpdoc/

Configure and test the XML

bjori@lindsay:~$ cd phpdoc/
bjori@lindsay:~/phpdoc$ php configure.php
configure.php: $Id: configure.php,v 1.7 2007/10/02 12:03:16 bjori Exp $
PHP version: 5.3.0-dev
* No missing ids found
All good.
All you have to do now is run 'phd /home/bjori/phpdoc'

Installing and rendering the documentation

bjori@lindsay:~/phpdoc$ cd ..
bjori@lindsay:~$ pear install
downloading PhD-0.1RC1.tgz ...
Starting to download PhD-0.1RC1.tgz (19,683 bytes)
.......done: 19,683 bytes
install ok: channel://__uri/PhD-0.1RC1