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Unix manual pages for PHP functions

Did you know that unix manual pages for PHP functions and methods existed?

For a while I had vim configured to run reflection when I hit "K", but after the PHP documentation team released unix manual pages for PHP I now get the manual page in all its glory; function description, parameter descriptions, return values, examples, notes, see also and everything you are used to see from the online manual.
Its awesome.

As many PHP functions use "standard names" the documentation team decided to not install the manual in the standard man directory.
When you install the unix manual package you get a little shell script (called "pman") which runs the normal "man" command for you, and sets the manual directory to wherever you installed the package.

To install the PHP manual as unix manual pages:

$ pear install

If you are running very old pear version you need to "discover" the channel first:

$ pear channel-discover d…