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"Latest releases" box and "conference teaser"

Update (February 19th): Thanks to Steph this should look fine in our favorite browser, IE6, now.
I committed the conference teaser patch few hours ago, and as usual it only took about an hour for it to go live. I really think its a nice compromise, looks nice there above the news entrys and isn't that intrusive.

Anyway. I also committed "latest releases" box on the right, above the "event section".
The idea is to list the latest, stable, releases there - and when we are in RC phase then list them in a box below it. The links will be to where a "big fat warning box" will welcome the user and explain what a "release candidate" really is.
Release Candidates will now get more exposure and, hopefully, get more testing - benefiting all of us.

Speaking of 'latest releases', I've seen lot of code parsing the frontpage, the download page, the php-announce mailing list, heck, even cvs log in order to get the latest release info.
Since… frontpage changes

As many of you know I changed the frontpage of recently by moving conference announcements and call for papers to its own dedicated page in a desperate attempt to regain the control of our frontpage.

WTF?! came up among conference planners which didn't like the changes at all. Heck, why should they? They lost an important, free, ads on a very popular page on the web. The flip side: they have now their own page free of any distractions and irritations around their advertisements.

Regain control? Yes. Conference planers have treated frontpage as their private commercial ground for long enough. It was time for the "staff" to take control of the frontpage back and publish relevantnews.

This is a community effort, you are no king. Good point. I am no king. But enough is enough. Flooding the frontpage with conference announcements and call for papers had to stop. It was so overwhelming that there was no point for us to post real news about what was…