"Latest releases" box and "conference teaser"

Update (February 19th): Thanks to Steph this should look fine in our favorite browser, IE6, now.

I committed the conference teaser patch few hours ago, and as usual it only took about an hour for it to go live. I really think its a nice compromise, looks nice there above the news entrys and isn't that intrusive.

Anyway. I also committed "latest releases" box on the right, above the "event section".
The idea is to list the latest, stable, releases there - and when we are in RC phase then list them in a box below it. The links will be to qa.php.net where a "big fat warning box" will welcome the user and explain what a "release candidate" really is.
Release Candidates will now get more exposure and, hopefully, get more testing - benefiting all of us.

Speaking of 'latest releases', I've seen lot of code parsing the frontpage, the download page, the php-announce mailing list, heck, even cvs log in order to get the latest release info.
Since I moved the 'current releases' info into "a giant" includable array, living in include/version.inc, we can now provide a simple XML feed (or whatever) for you to parse to get the latest release info simpler and more accurately...

What do you think? Is it worth it? What kind of format would you want it in?...
Send me a mail (private or to the webmaster@ mailing list), add a comment, blog about it, scream loudly (hoping we hear you) or whatever. If the idea interest you, its your chance to get heard!


  1. I don't care about the html :) just don't make me add multiple RSS feeds!

  2. I like that way of displaying the conference teasers!
    Nice one!

    "I've seen lot of code [..] in order to get the latest release info.


    we can now provide a simple XML feed [..] What do you think? Is it worth it?"

    Seems that there are a lot of people who would like that possibility. So, do it :).

  3. Actually, what would be more useful (if you're going to do a feed at all) is to list all PHP versions, and allow the end-user to filter them out.

    The only real use for this is in bug trackers, where we can grab the list of latest versions without having to hand-update it.

  4. I really like Greg's idea of a feed for all PHP versions.

    I also like the latest releases box. Makes it much clearer which are the current versions and easy to access them.

  5. The "conferences section" above the main headline with new version. And the "current versions" above the events. I have the impression things should be the other way round.

    Here's my proposal, the main column with a small header for current versions.

    And the column on the right with 3 blocks : conferences, ctp and events.

    Does it makes any sense ?

  6. Anonymous: should be fixed now :)

    Greg & Stefan: So, basically you guys want php.net/releases syndicated?

    Perrick: The conference forces don't want it on the right. They seem to think the right section doesn't get enough attention.

    The release box is "colored" (any suggestions on better colors welcomed) so they are easily noticed, but I'll be damned if we are going to color the conferences/call for paper titles.

  7. Bjori: Yes, basically a feed of the releases page would be wonderful :)


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